GOLF TSI or similar

  • 5 Doors
  • 5 Passengers
  • 2 Large, 2 Small
  • Airconditioning
  • Automatic Transmission

Look on the bright side

With the sun up, it’s time to let the roof down, and Our new Golf Cabriolet’s fully-automated electric soft top opens in 9 seconds with a touch of a button. Overcast skies ahead?
The roof goes back up again in 11 seconds. This automated roof can be operated even on the move at speeds of up to 30 km/h, so you don’t have to worry about pulling over in
the midst of heavy traffic.

About VW Golf Cabriolet

The VW Golf Cabriolet combines sports coupe performance with cabriolet fun.

It seats four adults and can manage four small pieces of luggage.

With a 2-litre engine and 6-speed transmission, the Cabriolet is quick — this car can reach 100 kilometres per hour in just 7.8 seconds.

The Eos is exceptionally smooth and, as you’d expect with a VW, the steering and cornering is reassuring.

The sturdy one-touch folded-steel roof can be opened, in just 35 seconds, allowing you to soak up views from all directions. And to enjoy the sun without blasting your passengers, the glass roof slides to become a sunroof.

Why hire a VW Golf Cabriolet ?

The VWCabriolet is a premium rental car. As a convertible, it’s perfect for cruising Auckland City on sunny days — the Cabriolet was made for good times.

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